Connecting to the Freebox Adminstration Page

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Created On: 13 Jan 2009 12:49 PM


To configure or change settings on your freebox you will need to connect to it.

To do this you will need an Ethernet LAN cable and a PC with Internet browser.

1) Power on the Freebox and PC

2) Connect on end of the LAN cable to your PC.

3) Connect one end of the LAN cable to LAN connection port [1] on the rear of the Unit (ports with a yellow border). 

4) Check the Ethernet LED light on the front of the unit ( LED '1' should be lit in the Ethernet group )

5) Type into your browser ( is the factory default IP, if you have changed this you will need to substitute the new IP address).

6) You will now be connected to the units administration pages (the factory default has no password configured, if you have configured a password you will need to enter the set Username and Password).

Troubleshooting tips

LED does not light up.
- Check the LAN cable is inserted correctly into the PC and Freebox.
- Try the LAN cable in Ethernet port[2].
- Try a different cable.

PC browser will not connect to the freebox.
- Make sure you are using the correct IP address (did you assign a new one ?).
- Make sure your PC has been assigned an IP address (IP address is provided by the Freebox and should be in the range - You can do this from the 'Network Connections' icon in the Control Panel.

If you need to reset the Freebox to factory default there is a button on the rear which you need to hold for 10 seconds using a ball point pen. Lights will flash when the unit is being reset. IMPORTANT: ALL SETTINGS WILL BE LOST IF YOU RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULT.

Useful Guides

Manufacturers Install Guide for Freebox (Speedtouch 716) - Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Manufacturers User Guide for Freebox (Speedtouch 716) - Adobe Acrobat PDF file