Stephen with the small office (and the 'old' PBX)

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Created On: 08 Jun 2006 09:32 AM


Stephen runs a small office with an 'old' PBX system, he has 10 extensions, does not want to invest in new phones for all his staff and replace the PBX (because it works rather well, thank you !).

Stephen has a few problems

1. Most of the calls are internal so he only runs one analgue phone line. The downside of this is, he could be missing customer calls when the line is busy, it's also a little annoying if you want to dial out and the line is the cost of adding a new line realy worth it ?

2. He has looked at replacing the PBX he has, but it's expensive, especially when you include the cost of all the new handsets and installation - and after all he's happy with the way things work and familiar with the phone system.

3. His bills are very high, Stephen makes alot of international calls. Why does he have to pay so much ?

Let's look at how using Freespeech can solve Stephens problems

Stephens PBX has a socket for adding 2 additional analogue lines. Stephen installs a new router which provides two analogue lines (example linksys RT31P2) via his freespeech account (yes the adaptor which acts like two phones can log into a single freespeech account).

Now Stephen has 3 analogue lines plugged into his PBX. Line 1 is from his traditional (high priced !) phone company, the other 2 are provided by freespeech. His PBX easly lets him select the line to dial out, the onlt thing his staff have to remember is "lines 2 and 3 give cheap calls".

Problems solved

1. There's no extra running costs for the 2 additional lines and if someone wants to dial out it's never busy because he has 2 lines for dialing out and line 1 is kept for answering the incoming calls (his customers don't get busy tone any more).

2. The only cost was buying a router with built in adaptors (he already had broadband).

3. So what kind of cost savings does Stephen have. No monthly payments on the freespeech account, lower cost calls and 10 minutes per day FREE to lot's of destinations.

Other Benefits that Stephen found

Stephen has some UK customers so gets a free UK number attached to his account from freespeech. Now customers can call him for less.

Stephen often works from home so he purchased a similar adaptor and set it up at home. He set up a new freespeech account and now he can call work for FREE, and they can transfer calls to him for FREE.

Additional Information

Stephen bought the router with built in terminal adaptors because it supports QoS (quality of service) he wanted to make sure his VOIP calls were not interrupted while his office workers used the web.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, this is an office phone system with separate extensions and normally features like call transfer, call waiting, voicemail etc...