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 Introduction to Freespeech - what is it and how do I start ?
 Your Online Account
  You can login to your online account 24/7 using your email address and passwordYour online account gives you
 Configuring Your Phone - SIP settings
  You need to configure your phones SIP settings before you can start making calls. How you configure your phone will depend on the type of phone or device you are using (sometimes parameter names may vary - refer to your owners manual if y
 Your Voicemail
 Your freespeech extension is configured with voicemail active by default.Your voicemail will be conveniently sent to the email address you provided as an attachment.You may want to customise your messag
 VOIP Hardware guide
  Using VOIP hardware frees up your PC and gives you better quality calls. This guide introduces the most common types of hardware
 Choosing your device
 The type of device you choose is dependant on your usage and your home network setup.Soft phones are a better choice when you have infrequent use and need portability, hardware phones are better if you want a replacement for a standard phone (yo
 Setting up your home network
  If you have a multiport modem/router you can connect your PC to one ethernet port and your IP phone to another. Your router must support QOS (Quality Of Service) if you want to use your PC and phone at the same time.
 Making a Call
  Your first call.Before you make any calls you can try an echo test (1742). When you speak you should hear your own voice with a slight delay, if you do not hear anything or do not hear your voice you have some problems with your configuratio
 Broadband suitability
  Any broadband network connection can be used for your phone, if you are using satellite broadband we recommend you check suitability with your supplier (some specialist satellite provider
 Using the Virtual Switchboard
  The Virtual Switchboard service let's you flexibly control your inbound call-flow works using a web based 'call-flow builder'. You can use it to create 'follow me' call routes, play callers information, provider a caller menu etc.. If yo
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