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 How does 10 bonus minutes work ?
  You get 10 free minutes per day to any destination listed as an applicable destination on the rates page.Each day you start off with a new 10 minutes, it does not carry forward (sorry!)The free minutes are measured and decremented in wh
 How do I top up my pay as you use account ?
  Your account is automatically topped up to 20 Euro every time it drops below zero.
 Where can I see the call rates for pay as you use
  You can see rates here - http://www.freespeech.ie/home/rates.html
 Can I get a 'local number' with a Pay As You Use Account
 Yes, you can get a local number but it is NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE - you must subscribe to an 'extra local number'. You can do this from the 'order' page once you log in to your account.
 Can I change from 'Pay As You Use' to an 'Unlimited' option
 Yes, you can change whenever you wish.┬áTo change to an 'Unlimited' option1) Login to your account. 2) Click 'Cancel' beside your 'Pay As You Use' Option on the Summary Page. 3) Your number will now default to a 'F
 Which destinations are included in 'Bonus Minutes' for 'Pay as You Use'
 The destinations are marked with an '*' and highlighted in orange on the rates page - http://www.freespeech.ie/home/rates.htmlYou can s
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