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  STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP over NATs) is a network protocol allowing client behind NAT (or multiple NATs) to find out its publi
  VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, and Digital Phone) is the routing of voic
  NAT (Network address translation). In computer networking, the process of network address translation (NAT, also known as network masquerading or IP-m
  UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is a set of computer network protocols promulgated by the UPnP Forum. The goals of UPnP are to allow devices to connect
  SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is the protocol we use for delivering our broadband phone service. It is the leading VOIP (Voice Over IP) protocol.
 Public IP Address
  Every device on the Internet must have an IP address (this is what they need to find one another). For devices to communicate directly across the Internet they need a public IP address. Therefore A public IP address is an IP address that can be 'f
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