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 Making a Call
Your first call.

Before you make any calls you can try an echo test (1742). When you speak you should hear your own voice with a slight delay, if you do not hear anything or do not hear your voice you have some problems with your configuration.

Dialing a traditional phone number.

Your freespeech account is not tied to a particular area code, dial the phone number you are trying to reach with the area code in front, ie. if you are in Dublin and you want to dial a Dublin number you still need the '01' prefix. If you are using your broadband phone from abroad you dial in exactly the same way.

Dialing a SIP address

You broadband phone is a SIP based product. A SIP terminal can be reached using what's know as a SIP address or SIP URI, which is a bit like an email address. For example your SIP address is sip:076XXXXXX@freespeech.ie where 076XXXXXX is your phone number.

To dial a SIP address from a 'soft' phone you just type the SIP address into the display and click dial.

You cannot dial a SIP address from your hard phone, instead you must use the 'click to dial' feature in your online phonebook. Simply store the sip address in your phonebook and click it, your phone will ring and your call will be through connected.

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