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Website: http://www.clearwire.ie

Type: Wireless

Avoid Line Rental:YES

Equipment: Clearwire provide a NextNET wireless box which provides you with a transparent Ethernet connection (This is not a router). (these details may be inaccurate - please always refer to providers website)

TIPS: When you connect your computer directly to the NextNET box you are provided with a public IP address, you do not need to use STUN or UPnP or any other method of NAT traversal on your softphone (often known as 'open IP' or 'directly connected' to the internet). If your computer is running a firewall we suggest you switch it off until you have tested your softphone, then turn it back on with the appropriate ports opened up.

If you want to connect a VOIP hardware we suggest using a Telephony Adaptor with built in router (or router with built in telephony adaptor). 

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Created On: 01 Nov 2005 10:09 AM

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