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Support Center » Help » How can I call other non-freespeech broadband phone users for FREE?
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 How can I call other non-freespeech broadband phone users for FREE?

To call another VoIP phone user (not part of freespeech network) they must be SIP compatible (there are over 2000 sip compatible VoIP providers worldwide, so it should not be hard to find one).

To call another VoIP user you will need to know the SIP uri (also known as SIP address) of the other user (it's like an email address for VoIP users)

Your freespeech SIP uri is freespeechextension@freespeech.ie (where 'freespeechextension'=username entered in your phone)


1) If you have a soft phone.

Simply enter the SIP address of the VoIP phone you are calling using the computer keypad.

904@voiptalk.org - will connect you to an echo test with voiptalk.org
301@blueface.ie - will connect you to an echo test with blueface

2) If you have a hardware phone.

Enter the SIP uri address in your online account 'phonebook' under 'contact', once the SIP uri has been entered you can use either

speed dial - by assinging a two digit short code on your phone book, then dialing this short code.


click to dial - by clicking the number your phone will ring and you will be through connected to the other user (may not work with all phones).

NOTE: Incoming calls must be permitted by the other network
NOTE: You can NOT call Skype Users
NOTE: 076 numbers may or may not be free depending on the peering arrangement we have with the provider - it's preferable to use SIP uri daling, if in doublt check your call history to see if your calls are charged.

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Created On: 11 Jan 2006 03:16 PM

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