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 x-lite soft phone

Note: Our preferred codec (see which codec?) is G729A which is not supported by the x-lite. A hardware phone will give better quality calls.

Note: There are two methods for NAT traversal with the x-lite, STUN and SYMMETRIC RTP. You will need to set all the following settings to ensure if STUN does not work with your network configuration the phone will default to SYMMETRIC RTP.

When you have installed and started your x-lite click on the 'menu' icon to the left of the 'clear' icon. Then configure the x-lite with the following

Selecting the menu

Under System Settings -> sip proxy -> [Default]

Display Name:Your Name
Username:your freespeech phone number
Auth User:your freespeech phone number
password:the password you provided at registration
domain/realm: freespeech.ie
SIP proxy: freespeech.ie
Leave all other values blank/default.
Click 'Back' -> 'Back'
Your phone is now configured.

Changing the settings

NAT Settings - STUN

TIP on STUN: First try STUN ON, if you can't log on to the service or have other call problems switch it OFF and try again.


Under System Settings -> Network

Primary STUN server: stun.freespeech.ie


Under System Settings -> Network

Primary STUN server: <blank>

Secondary STUN server: <blank>

Under System Settings -> Advanced System Settings -> STUN Settings

Discover Local IP Server: <blank>
Backup Discover NAT IP Server: <blank>

X-Lite Ready

After Configuring

Check your phone has 'registered', this will be indicated in the top left of the phone screen by the text 'Logged in'. If the phone is not registered you will not be able make/recieve calls.

To test your phone dial the echo test 1742, then press the green phone icon. You will hear an announcement "You are about to enter an echo test" then you should hear yourself with a delay when you speak. If you don't hear the announcement or don't hear yourself with a delay you may have audio problems - see troubleshooting.

Trouble Shooting

Poor quality speech
Poor quality speech is can be due to IP bandwidth limitations or high CPU load - the following may help.
- Try a different codec, different codec's perform better under different conditions. You can turn codecs on/off at the bottom of the phone screen (G711 etc.. see which codec?).
- Try shutting down all other applications that are running on your PC.

Can't make calls
If you can't make calls you are probably not registered, make sure you see 'Logged in' in the top left of the phone screen.
- Make sure your credentials you supplied in system are correct.
- Try turning off firewalls on your router and your PC (we recommend you switch them back on with the correct ports open afterwards).
- Send us a copy of your diagnostic log. Shut down phone, Start phone, right click on the screen and open 'Diagnostic Log', make a test call, copy and paste the FULL contents of the log into an email and send it to us (info@freespeech.ie).

One way/No Audio
Check your mic and speakers, check the 'mute' button on the lower left is not depressed, if problem persists shut down the phone and start it again, it has a bug which can cause this occasionaly. Make sure you have configured your phone according to the settings above.

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Created On: 28 Feb 2006 01:32 PM

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