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 Linksys RT31P2 - Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports

A Router with three ethernet ports and two telephone sockets.

Linksys RT31p2

This device allows you to use two standard telephones for VOIP (Voice over IP) and connect other computer peripherals to share your internet connection. With freespeech you can configure the two telephone lines on same account (same phone number), so if one phone is busy the other phone will ring also you can make calls on one line while the other is busy - nice. You may also configure line 1 and line 2 for separate service providers.

An example setup for this device

3 Computers and 2 phones sharing the same internet connection. The phones used are standard analogue telephones (same as you would use with eircom), all the calls are routed via VOIP (Voice Over IP).

Please refer to user manual for full details connecting your phones and configuring the router.

Logging on

default url to log onto the router is

default username:admin, default password:admin

Configure the STUN server

You will normally only need to use a STUN server if you are configuring this behind another router.

TIPS: if you are using wireless broadband or cable STUN is normally OFF, if you are using DSL and you do not have your dsl modem in bridged mode STUN is ON (if you had to configure PPPoE settings on the RT31P2 then your DSL modem is in bridged mode). If you are still unsure turn STUN ON.

Select menu: Voice > System and enter stun.freespeech.ie

Configure Lines

Select menu: Voice > Line1

Subscriber Information

Use your freespeech number for User id and Authentication User Name. Authentication password is the password you chose when you subscribed to the service. Registration/Proxy Server is freespeech.ie

Nat Traversal Settings

If you are using a public IP address or not using STUN select NONE

If you are using STUN select STUN.

Supplimentary Service Settings

These can be set as you wish but if you have two lines using the same account you should turn call waiting OFF

Voice Quality Settings

We recommend G729. This should allow you to have two conversations t once on your broadband link without any loss in quality.

select G729

Don't forget to click Save Settings

Configuring line 2

If you like you can configure the second line with the same account OR a different account with a different provider. If you confiure both line with freespeech the two line will ring in parallel, answer one and the other will stop ringing. You are free now to make/receive calls on the other line.

Select menu: Voice > Line2 and follow the steps for configuring line 1.

Check you are online

Select menu: Status > Voice

The status should be online. Note also at the front of the router the lights for phone line 1 and 2 should be on (they will flash if the phone is off-hook).

You should now be ready to make calls. List up your handset and dial 1742 to make an echo test.

Please post comments if you have any

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Created On: 08 Mar 2006 08:56 PM

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