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 Draytek vigor 2100V/VG - Router with 1 phone port (VG wireless)

A Router with four ethernet ports and one telephone socket, VG includes wireless.

This device allows you to use a standard telephone for VOIP (Voice over IP) and connect other computer peripherals to share your internet connection. This device also allows you to connect a traditional telephone line to use as a backup phone line.

An example setup for this device

Please refer to user manual for full details connecting your phone and configuring the router.

Important: Always confirm you are connected to the Internet before trying to setup your phone. An easy way to do this is visit a public web page from a PC connected to your router (like http://www.freespeech.ie).

Logging on

The default url to log onto the router is

There is no default password or username, leave the login details blank and click ok.

Configure Phone Line

Select Menu: VOIP > SIP related function

It's recommended you do not configure the 2100 behind another router, you will normally need to use a STUN server (stun.freespeech.ie) if you are configuring behind another router.

TIPS: if you are using wireless broadband or cable STUN is normally OFF, if you are using DSL and you do not have your dsl modem in bridged mode STUN is ON (if you had to configure PPPoE settings on the 2100 then your DSL modem is in bridged mode). If you are still unsure turn STUN ON.

Check you are online

Select menu: VOIP > Voice Call Status

The (R) indicated you are registered with the service (you need to be registered before you can make calls).

Note:We found the 2100 a little slow to register sometimes, so be patient.

You can also see registration status in System Status

select menu: System Maintenance > System Status

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Created On: 19 Apr 2006 08:52 AM

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