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 How does 10 bonus minutes work ?

You get 10 free minutes per day to any destination listed as an applicable destination on the rates page.

Each day you start off with a new 10 minutes, it does not carry forward (sorry!)

The free minutes are measured and decremented in whole minutes
example: if you make a 1 min 30 sec call it counts as two 'free' minutes used.

If your call goes over your 'remaining free minutes' then the 'remaining free minutes' will be subtracted from the total call duration and the remaining duration will be charged as a normal call.
example: you have 10 free minutes and you make a call for 15 minutes, this will be charged as a normal five minute call.

** please always read terms and conditions (you'll find a link at the bottom of home page)

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Created On: 25 May 2006 02:10 PM

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