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 Sophie the student

Sophie is going to college to study computer science, she has booked a dorm (with internet access) and wants to keep in touch with mum and dad while she is away.

Sophie's problems

1. She wants mum and dad to be able to call her too (mostly so she doesn't have to pay). And she'll probably be in another dorm next year so she can't install a traditional phone.

2. When she does call she want's it to be cheap (or better FREE).

3. Sometimes she like to chat to her brother who lives in France.

Let's look at how using Freespeech can solve Sophie's problems

Sophie get her mum and dad to buy her a nice VOIP phone for a present and sign her up for a freespeech account (lucky her). Her dorm has broadband so she can plug the VOIP phone directly into the broadband connection.

Problems Solved

1. Mum and Dad can call her when ever they like from their 'regular' phone line using her freespeech number and the VOIP phone in her dorm rings. If she moves to a new dorm next year she will just plug the phone into the boradband connection and she's available again, no porting of numbers, no messing around.

2. Sophie found it damn cheap, she even had a few FREE minutes every day.

3. Sophie was lucky because France was on the FREE minutes call list, now she gets to call her brother every day for FREE.

Other Benefits that Sophie found

When Sophie went on holidays for the summer travelling around Europe she could easily check her voicemail by logging in to her email account from internet cafe's, in fact some internet allowed her to download the sofware phone and call home for FREE.

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Created On: 08 Jun 2006 10:32 AM

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