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 Grandstream GXP-2000 - IP phone supporting 4 accounts

An IP phone which supports connecting up to 4 VOIP accounts (can be with any provider)


Grandstream GPX-2000

This device plugs directly into your broadband router using a LAN style connector (it does not plug into a normal telephone socket). Up to four VOIP (SIP) accounts are supported, this means you can register with up to four different VOIP providers. This phone also supports multiple line appearances on each account, this means your line will not be busy if call comes in (even if it's on the same account). It also supports feaures like call transfer, conference, call hold etc.. - refer to owners manual for more.

An example setup for this device

This is an example of a typical desk setup. A GXP-2000 connected to the broadband router, the PC is connected via the phone (PC socket on phone).

Note: This phone does not have a built in router, you need to have a separate router on your network.

Note: You need an external power supply for this phone, it is not supplied via the LAN cable.

Please refer to your manual for full details on connecting and installing your phone

Logging on

You will need to connect to your phone using a web-browser. To do this you will need to know the phones IP address, you can check this using the LCD phone display.

Press the round button to bring up the phone menu, then down arrow until you see the option [3] IP address, press the round button again and your IP address will be displayed.

Enter the ip address in your web browser example:

You should see a screen that looks something like this

Enter your phone password. (default is admin)

Setting up STUN

STUN is used in some cases to get round problems with routers. It's no harm to set it up, you can try it OFF/ON and see which suits you best.

choose ADVANCED SETTINGS from the main menu and set the stun server to stun.freespeech.ie

See next section for turning STUN ON/OFF.

Don't forget to click 'update' when you have completed your changes or they will be lost.

Configure your Account

Choose the ACCOUNT (line) you wish to configure from the main menu and fill in the highlighted fields.

Note: Even if you only have one account configured, because your phone supports multiple line appearances, you will be able to place a call on hold by pressing another line then dialing as normal.

Don't forget to click 'update' when you have completed your changes or they will be lost.

After you have configured all setting click reboot to activate your changes.

Checking you are online

To check you are online you can log into your phone again and choose STATUS from the main menu.

If your account is online you will see 'Registered: Account X: Yes' for the account you configured.

Note: You should also notice when you select the 'LINE' buttons on your phone it will indicate if the account is not registered on the LCD display.

Note: You can also see in this example STUN is working as the type of NAT is detected as symmetric.

To make a test call dial the echo test on 1742

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Created On: 03 Jul 2006 04:32 PM

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