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 Stephen with the small office (and the 'old' PBX)
  Stephen runs a small office with an 'old' PBX system, he has 10 extensions, does not want to invest in new phones for all his staff and replace the PBX (because it works rather well, thank you !). Stephen has a few pro
 Sophie the student
  Sophie is going to college to study computer science, she has booked a dorm (with internet access) and wants to keep in touch with mum and dad while she is away.Sophie's problems1. She wants mum and dad to b
 Henry the holiday home owner
  Henry is a lucky man, he has a nice holiday home in France. He likes to get away whenever he can, but he doesn't like to lose touch. So his holiday home has broadband, he can check his email and keep in touch with what's happening at h
 Helena with the home office
  Helena runs a small business from home, she has her own office space in the converted garage (she moved the dog into the house)Helena's problems 1. She wants to have a phone line for he
 Rory the residential user
  Rory has a house phone, broadband and a mobile, he feels his bills are mounting up. Rory's problems1. He's paying too much for calls.2. He doesn't like paying line rental.
 Sally and her sales team
  Sally runs a business with an increasing sales team, she has 2 dedicated analogue lines and makes alot of outgoing calls. Sally is looking for a way to decrease costs and increase the number of phone lines she has available. She also w
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